First Drives!

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Ready to go on it's first drive. It's wednesday at about midnight, the day before I plan to take it to Oregon.
The first drive consisted of eight of us piling in, taking a tour of downtown Palo Alto, then a quick run down hwy 101 at 90 mph to be sure it's stable. About 15 miles total.

First stop, the gas station. The eight original test riders are, from left to right, John, Jessica, Paul, Kent, Peg, Amy, Chris and Otmar (me).

Pumping gas into the rear window! (actually there's 2 jerry cans there)

Paul, John and Jessica enjoying the ride.

Looking a bit dusty after going to burning man, you can see the temporary gas tanks on the back. The two gas cans on the roof serve as the reserve tank. I've had to use them twice, but on the other hand I've also sputtered into gas stations with dry tanks four times. :-)

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